Heliview Flight Customer Feedback

We had a wonderful afternoon Mt Biking with great views and understanding the local area of Cromwell and it’s history. Our group contained different levels of Mt biking experience but Jolanda was a great guide and coach for everyone. I would highly recommend if you are in this area to get in touch with these guys, they offer great flexibility with their tours and are lovely locals!

Come over from the day from Queenstown for an amazing Heli-Bike Trip with Yolanda and Richard. They were very professional and very friendly throughout the whole trip. We got dropped at the top of the mountain range with huge views and private trip. We took a heaps of photos on the way down, enjoyed the included packed lunch and gladly welcomed a beer at the Bannockburn Pub at the finish! A really cool day out, and glad to have a bit of a scenic flight and commentary of Cromwell on the way up. Cheers guys, will be back. 

I cannot speak highly enough of Jolanda and Richard at Heliview! We did the self-guided heli biking trip from the top of Mount Jackson and it was absolutely stunning. Truly a once-in-a-lifetime activity. The team at Heliview are friendly, professional, and very helpful – they even lent us their own backpack when we forgot our own…! I would highly recommend doing a trip with Heliview.

Absolutely fantastic! We did the helibiking. Richard flew us to the top of Cairnmuir with stunning views of Cromwell and the surrounding area. Jolanda was our guide, giving us interesting facts and history of the area as we made our way down the mountain range. We ended up spending the whole day riding in the Cromwell area after our riding with Heliview had finished as Jolanda had given us many suggestions of other good rides. We wish we had spent days in Cromwell exploring rather than just the one. Jolanda and Richard professional, organised and beautiful people. We will definitely be back for more helibiking!

It’s been a few weeks now since Richard and Yolanda took Leonie and I helibiking and we are still reminiscing. In looking into this sort of activity other similar services were slow to respond and didn’t seem all that interested unless we could orgainse a group of four.
Yolanda was quick to respond, answered all our questions and had us in excited anticipation from first contact and right through until we arrived at the hanger and at this point we knew we certainly were not going to be let down. Everything was beyond our expectation. From the super smooth MD600N helicopter, to the guidance, flight commentary, the route, the scenery, lunch and to the bike riding. It’s not a trip for the “go big” downhill mtber but perfect for beginner and intermediate XC and Enduro riders. But don’t think it’s all about the ride, take some time to soak in the environment and if you need to pedal a bit more ask about “the gold fields”. The perfect mix of professional and friendly (I highly recommend getting Yolanda to go along as your guide). We would definitely orgainise another trip with Heliview. For now though we are still going over the pictures and talking about the wonderful memories from the day.